Time flies! It’s been three decades since our establishment in 1991. Thanks to the great support from friends from all parties and the teamwork of our whole company, we, Dynamic Property Consultants Limited, are flourishing and achieving. Thank you very much to every property owner and client for the trust and support!

The scope of service of Kornhill Head Office includes: Kornhill, Taikoo Shing, Kornhill Garden, The Orchards, Nan Fung Sun Chuen, The Floridian, Westlands Gardens, Westlands Court, Parkvale, Mount Parker Lodge, Kornville, Felicity Garden, Lei King Wan, Les Saisons, all ranges of residentials in Eastern District and all new developments in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Since January 1999, all of our team members have passed the public exam held by Estate Agents Authority and obtained valid estate agent’s licenses issued by the government. In addition, our team, all having served the industry for more than 10 years, is professional and competent. With our professional knowledge and experience, we can definitely fulfill the highest expectations from all property owners and clients.

In the future, we will continue to adhere to the stable and steady style of work, and treat our clients with sincere, practical and professional attitude. We will also continue to enhance the professional standard of our team and expand our scope of services to make sure better quality of our services to you.

盧康民 Lawrence Lo
經 理
Licence No.: E-107672
Mobile Phone: (852) 9650 0968
  (852) 6079 6969
Email: lawrence@hkdpc.com.hk
羅樹新 Thomas Law
經 理
Licence No.: E-091858
Mobile Phone: (852) 9433 7028
Email: kornhillthomas@yahoo.com.hk
徐美娟 Brenda Chui
Senior Supervisor
Licence No.: E-091841
Mobile Phone: (852) 9453 2860
Email: cmk1628@yahoo.com.hk
盧康元 Eric Lo
Property Consultant
Licence No.: S-087263
Mobile Phone: (852) 9017 4053
Email: eric@hkdpc.com.hk
曾錦梅 Amy Tsang
Property Consultant
Licence No.: S-417195
Mobile Phone: (852) 9873 0998
Email: info@hkdpc.com.hk